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Unlock deeper insights, enhance collaboration and strategy with further information.

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Workshop resources 

Empower Collaboration

Thank you to all those that participated in our dynamic May workshop, it was great to have your input and enthusiasm.


We run two RapidConsensus workshops in the year. The next will be held 6th and 7th of August, 2024. Check out details >

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Strategic resources 

Future Ready Strategy

Waterfield is dedicated to empowering your organisation's growth journey to achieve impactful results.


Through ongoing research of best practices, we provide our clients with the insights needed to enhance strategic decision-making and implementation.

StrategyConnect is ever evolving as we prioritise innovation and strive to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


Our goal is to develop resources that integrate future-ready concepts, enabling you to generate foresights, insights, and actions to effectively deliver your strategy.


Growth strategy: 7P's in designing a hypothesis 

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Feature article

'If everything stayed the same, strategy would be a no-brainer.'

In this article we talk about ways to strategically embrace an unpredictable future. One of the ways to achieve this is creating your best hypothesis about the future landscape.

To help get started, here you will find the 7P’s Outcome worksheet we use to ask questions around the 7 main areas to focus on.

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