Build shared outcomes & action plan

More companies are collaborating for competitive advantage. 

The Success Alliance process captures the overall objective of an alliance between two or more companies and makes the shared responsibilities visible to all parties.

This clarity supports the effective execution of the plan to realise the benefits of the collaborative venture.


What clients say

Diona have utilised Waterfield’s Success Alliance across the business for the last 5 years. After achieving significant results utilising this process internally to develop our strategy and achieve our business goals, we asked Kevin and the team to help us achieve the same level of success with one of our major client’s QUU.


We used the Success Alliance process to help us understand our clients’ needs better and focus our efforts on building a stronger partnership. By the end of the workshop we had a clear 12 month plan, which focused on addressing our clients needs, improving our processes and exploring new opportunities.


In the first 12 months we had achieved all our milestones and significantly improved our relationship with QUU, cementing our position as one of their most trusted delivery partners. It is hard to imagine achieving the same results in such a short period without this process and assistance from Kevin and the team. So big thanks to all involved.

John O'Connor

National Operations Manager, Diona

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