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Our principles

Waterfield lives by 3 core principles, in how we work and deliver value to our clients.


Outcome thinking

We believe defining the preferred end state is the right starting point for all actions.

We design and facilitate conversations to help understand the current state and what the future will demand.

We find that working back from a preferred set of outcomes is many times more inspiring and motivational than trying to solve current issues. 


Outcome thinking can be thought of as having a clear destination for your journey, which gives you the ability to make continual course corrections and adaptations as conditions change.



We believe humans are hardwired to collaborate. What is missing is the right environment and the permission to realise the benefits of effective collaboration.

These include;

  • People who are involved and engaged in the design process are motivated to act

  • The new generation of knowledge workers want to understand the whole picture, contribute to solutions and be trusted to implement

  • Diverse inputs lead to better decisions and everyone becomes better informed


  • People actually want to collaborate and create outcomes that are magic


Building capacity 

We believe that building capacity in our clients ensures that the desired change is both realised and sustained.

Waterfield builds capacity in a number of ways;

  1. Training and development of groups and individuals who are directly engaged in the change

  2. Shadow consulting to nominated champions within the organisation

  3. Introducing new thinking and networks

Through our experience this is a very effective way to add value and further instill transformation with clients.

Adding value

'Create more value than you capture.'

We always seek to exceed our clients expectations and deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time, leaving the maximum capacity within the organisation.


This has allowed us to create and maintain long term relationships with our clients who become valued partners, many for over 10 years, our longest 21 years.  

Adding value
Social impact
Social impact

Waterfield is strongly committed to making a difference and adding value on a social aspect.

We recognise our part in the wider community and our obligation to give back.  

We believe in designing better futures for all, sharing, investing and teaching our skills to a broad network, including those who may not normally have access. Waterfield provide services to local and global social purpose organisations to help make a difference for sustainable and long term change. We proudly work with and have created long term partnerships across a number of enterprises that make a real difference, these include;

Indigenous community

  • CareerTrackers

  • AIME

  • GO Foundation

  • Reconciliation Australia

  • National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Mental health

  • Beyond Blue

  • Mates in Construction

  • Batyr

  • Suicide Prevention Australia

  • Smiling Minds

Other not for profit

  • Women’s Housing Ltd

  • Property Industry Foundation

  • Asylum Seekers Centre

  • Ethics Centre

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation

  • Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation

  • 40K Foundation

  • Urban Land Institute of Australia

  • Teach for Australia

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