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About Waterfield

'We help you bring together the talented people around you to create a shared strategy for the success of your organisation.'
Our team
Our team

Waterfield is a tight, high performing team with deep networks of specialists. 

We practise a collaborative model where our group of specialists come together depending on the specific assignment and skills necessary to best meet those outcomes. We are committed to supporting corporations, not for profits, Governments and communities to achieve outstanding results.


Our team shares a passion for solving complex issues and delivering an innovative solution. 

We are motivated by collaboration and have developed a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects that deliver high value to our clients.

Our specialists include;

  • Expert Facilitators

  • Strategic Consultants

  • Industry Experts

  • Coaches

  • Researchers and Forecasters

  • Analysts

  • Workshop Reporters

  • Designers


Founder & Director, Strategy facilitator

Kevin Nuttall

Strategy facilitator, Strategy execution specialist

Aidan Nuttall

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Our story
Our story

30 years ago Waterfield pioneered facilitation as an approach to help organisations go through change.

It proved many times faster and more successful than other change management approaches.

Over the years we have realised people working in groups is the key resource to be leveraged in practically all endeavours. We have become specialists in designing and facilitating collaborative processes that create better solutions, buy in and follow through.

Our values
Our values

Waterfield’s values express what drives us, how we deliver work and maintain relationships. We are innovative, committed to making a difference, and think beyond the norm.

We strive to significantly add value to our clients and future driven outcomes. It is integral in the way we work with others  


We bring a unique perspective and are never content with the status quo constantly looking for better ways to do things

We operate openly and transparently both internally and externally. We find ways to create synergies by collaborating


We operate in an inter-connected world and contribute back to society through our pro-bono work

We nurture the people we interact with as growing relationships are important to us and underpins our reputation  


We see our clients as long term partners, helping build capacity so they succeed in the long term

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