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Gain collaborative alignment for clear outcomes & actions

Agreed direction & buy-in

Build effective teamwork and group decision making to focus on the outputs that matter. 

An organisation's success depends on on how well its teams perform day to day. If individuals are not working together effectively, there is no capacity for growth. 


This can be frustrating company-wide, where unclear actions and divergent agendas result in wasted effort and a lack of alignment. 

Ultimately you want your teams engaged in a productive end result, clear on outcomes, rather than time spent to re-focus and continually bring everyone together to reach that shared destination. 

RapidConsensus helps create actionable agreement, promoting team alignment, motivation, and productivity.



Work meeting

August Workshop

You will learn the skills and confidence to effectively engage and facilitate groups for the best way forward.


RapidConsensus is a dynamic workshop delivered in 2 parts, encouraging you to practice real world opportunities across in-person and virtual group dynamics.

Part 1.

Full day in person:

Date: Tuesday 6th August, 2024

Time: 9.00am till 5.00pm

Venue: Sydney CBD - Details to come.

Learn and practice the RapidConsensus model for effective outcomes. Food and refreshments are catered for on the day.

Part 2.

Half day virtual:

Date: Wednesday 7th August, 2024

Time: 9.00am till 12.30pm

Online: Virtual session held on zoom. 

This session further embeds skills and covers facilitating group sessions in virtual and hybrid environments.

Key benefits

Learning the RapidConsensus process brings your team together to create cohesive group sessions, for fast agreement towards clear and shared outcomes.  

Effective outputs 

Realise collaborative and positive solutions as a team. Reach decisions quickly by gaining consensus and understanding from everyone.

Ownership & actions

Know what needs to be achieved, by whom. Inspire ownership and solid agreed actions, to gain results together and easily move forward.

Faster meetings

Reduce conflict and time spent in group sessions, making the time spent as productive and focused towards alignment.

Breadth of engagement

Use the process across a wide range of group meetings. Smaller teams to large conferences, and collaborative discussions between stakeholders, internal and external to the organisation.

Equal contribution 

Create an environment where people feel heard, valued and willing to contribute. This allows for equal participation and broader input from all involved.

Confident & competent 

Gain confidence and proficiency in your ability to run collaborative meetings of any size. Deliver actionable results through practical and real world application.

Skills for collaboration

Helping groups maximise their time together and achieve collective results.

We understand that each organisation is on a journey towards achieving its purpose. Over the years, we have seen by bringing employees on that journey, and empowering them to be actively engaged, propels the organisation forward, achieving objectives faster.


RapidConsensus was originally designed by Waterfield in 1997 to help teams work together to optimally reach consensus on decision making to move forward.

Thousands of organisations, government institutions, communities and individuals using RapidConsensus have experienced first hand how engaging groups through a collaborative framework results in a visible uplift in performance. 


Sharing in the process allows clear communication, a common understanding, more creative solutions and better outcomes with your team and others.

Here are a handful of clients that successfully use RapidConsensus for shared results.


Jacquie Riddell  

CEO, Take 3 


'Working in the creative industries, chairing meetings and facilitating large group discussions is a big part of everyday work. Waterfield's RapidConsensus has changed my life! It is quite simply the most useful training I have completed in my 25-year career.


The RapidConsensus technique can be applied to everyday situations, personal or professional, small or large, hostile or positive and always results in great outcomes. I think so highly of RapidConsensus I insist that all my team complete the course so that we always have a trained facilitator on hand to lead meetings.'

What you will learn

Framework for facilitation to engage your team, gain buy-in and follow through.

20180810_120439 3.jpeg

RapidConsensus is a workshop that teaches the methods and techniques we have designed and developed over 30 years to get better outcomes through collaboration. 

You will learn the simple but powerful process to rapidly:

1. Mine the collective knowledge of a group

2. Reach a consensus on the best way forward

3. Ensure ownership and effective action

Bringing the talented people within your organisation together to reach consensus in a fast and easy way, is a powerful resource. We believe developing this capability within your organisation helps underpin successful growth. 


Training Process



One day in person workshop

This dynamic workshop teaches you cut through facilitation and collaboration skills for effective outcomes and ownership. In one high energy day you will learn and practice the full RapidConsensus model for successful group sessions.  



Half day virtual workshop 

After practicing these skills in session, the next day you join back online via zoom to delve deeper in this half day workshop. You continue to build your skills by learning to facilitate groups in virtual and hybrid environments.



Confidently using your skills

From engaging in practical experience, you will now have embedded the RapidConsensus model and developed your confidence to effectively facilitate groups  and help maximise their time together to achieve collective results.



Book your place to join us for the next RapidConsensus workshop in August, 2024. 
- Tuesday 6th and half day Wednesday 7th -

Please fill in your details and we will be in touch to confirm your booking.

Thank you! We have received your form and will be in contact with you.

Discover the right process, skills and context to build a high performing collaborative culture for your organisation.

Training Process
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