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Strategically design your life 

A holistic tool for those interested in personal and professional development. PersonalPlan provides a simple framework to effectively plan future outcomes and the steps to achieve these. Through a guided process it encourages individuals to strategically plan their life, take action and track the aspects they feel are most important to focus on.

Execution coaching

What clients say

Launching the PersonalPlan program in an organisation is a game-changer. Working closely with a group of rising stars across all levels of the business, I saw major shifts in attitudes, behaviour and goal attainment.

From the simple task of assessing your own values to coming to a landing on what really matters to you, the growth and development of the participants was observable and made a difference to them individually, their teams and the overall success of some of our planning processes. The confidence that is built by understanding where you are heading and why, gave the group the framework to impact those around them – including those in other teams and up the org chart.

The PersonalPlan process is a great way to reward staff, grow leaders and harness emerging talent.

Rebecca Barry,

General Manager, Human Resources  

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

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