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Power of focus: Preferred state

Reticular Activating System: RAS  

In the latest workshop, we discussed the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is a bundle of nerves located in our brainstem that filters out unnecessary information, allowing only the important details to pass through. 


Unlocking Collective Awareness

What you focus on 

The RAS is responsible for phenomena such as suddenly hearing a new word everywhere after learning it, or being able to ignore background noise but instantly paying attention when your name is mentioned.

Similarly, it operates when consciously looking for something, like playing a game to spot red cars and then finding yourself noticing them everywhere days later.

Your RAS takes your focus and creates a filter, sifting through data to present what's important to you, all without your conscious awareness.

Consensus building

In the context of facilitating group consensus, raising awareness of different possibilities by using the Four Seasons framework to envision a shared preferred future becomes the focal point.


Previously, these future-focused ideas were overshadowed by negative aspects and perceived difficulties. This approach allows for a collective focus on agreed outcomes and actions.

This harnesses the power of the RAS to cultivate collective awareness and enable groups, teams, or entire organisations to pursue possibilities that were once overlooked. The combined power of everyone's RAS working together can create a more impactful shared vision. 

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