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Maximise your skills

Thank you for joining RapidConsensus! The workshop is designed to impart a practical set of tools and techniques, encouraging you to be competent and confident to use in the real world.


Dive into these resources to enhance your skills and learnings:  

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RapidConsensus 7 Principles

The RapidConsensus process thrives on ensuring every voice is heard, providing the group with the best information and knowledge for consensus and progress.


Principle # 4 'Listen to everything, defend nothing' is a highly effective skill to facilitate agreement - just one of the principles we uncover here. 


Developing a growth mindset 

I have made many mistakes in facilitating groups, however these experiences are what have allowed me to learn and continue to get better over time.

Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset philosophy is a useful way to think about learning and growing your facilitation skills.


Quick guides for reference 

Also known as cheat sheets to help run the 7 Principles and the Four Seasons in order.

This provides a quick visual at the ready to jog your memory in building your skills. It also comes in handy when you begin to level up facilitating larger, more diverse groups or polarising topics where keeping to a tight process makes all the difference.


Power of focus: Preferred state

In our latest workshop we discussed the role of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain. We learnt how shifting the group's focus towards envisioning a shared future, helps steer away from focusing on problems, to possibilities.


This shift towards the preferred taps into the RAS's knack for boosting awareness and uncovering hidden opportunities.

Clarity for productive meetings

Meetings have a sneaky way of chewing up productivity and our time. So, knowing what you want out of a meeting and how to get the best result is a critical skill.


Here we share 4 key questions to ensure meetings add value by unpacking the decisions needed upfront to design around the group for optimal results. 


DiSC behavioural profile 

During the workshop we cover elements from the behavioural model DiSC to help participants understand different styles in group meetings and the workplace.


This fits into the core framework of RapidConsensus, teaching group dynamics and as a facilitator an awareness of the various styles. Here you will find further information about DiSC.  

If you would like more information or a specific topic, reach out and we will add it or send it directly to you. 

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