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How it works

Foresight AI will ask you to describe your organisation. From this input the tool will be able to provide;


Actors & factors

  A set of actors and factors that affect your industry and landscape.



Potential changes

  What has the potential to change across these in the next 3-5 years.

Waterfield shares this tool to help you start the strategic foresighting process. We do not capture nor use the information you provide.


If you want to know more about how we guide organisations to become future ready check out StrategyConnect >


Waterfield's AI assisted tool helps take strategic foresighting to the next level.

While understanding your business is essential, it is just one aspect. Understanding the competitive landscape your business operates in, is critical to setting a successful strategy, we call this strategic foresighting.

Start your foresight journey

We have designed Foresight AI to help you easily identify trends and potential disruptions making the process of anticipating future challenges and opportunities within your business environment, a whole lot faster.

Simply fill in the form to start using the tool. 

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