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Consider the questions below for the best response;


  • What does your organisation do?

  • What industry do you operate in?

  • Where do you operate?

  • Who are your target customers?

Please make sure to answer your description in full, as one block of text before pressing enter. This will trigger Foresight AI to process your response. 

Now you’re ready to begin your foresight journey!


Foresight AI is here to assist! You will be asked to describe your business to generate a tailored response. Your insights will help build a broader understanding of your organisation's external landscape. 

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What's next step

What's the next step?

Gain a broader understanding of your external environment to empower decision-making.

The next step of the journey is verifying and uncovering this valuable information into insights across your organisation to build and implement a robust strategy.


You will receive an email deep diving into how to interpret this content and the best way to move forward in confirming or testing it. 

Waterfield sees the foresight process as incredibly valuable as it empowers our clients to be proactive, innovative, and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of their industry or market, and be prepared for these ongoing changes.


To translate your foresights - into insights, that everyone in your organisation understands, reach out for a chat.

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