Learn & utilise facilitation skills

Four interactive virtual modules and additional support that teaches the skills, confidence and understandings to facilitate groups to achieve rapid consensus. 

Participants are trained how to get people in a group to contribute, take ownership and commit to agreed actions within a safe environment.

Upcoming course in October, held across 4 weeks.


Develop strategic skills and mindset 

Anticipating the future and building capability ahead of the curve is a core competency of successful leaders. Yet by the time high potentials are ready for succession very little has been invested in their ability to think, plan and act strategically.


This intensive, case driven workshop provides the framework and steps to ensure future leaders are equipped for more senior leadership roles.


What clients say

Working in the creative industries, chairing meetings and facilitating large group discussions is a big part of everyday work. Waterfield's RapidConsensus has changed my life! It is quite simply the most useful training I have completed in my 25-year career.

The RapidConsensus technique can be applied to everyday situations, personal or professional, small or large, hostile or positive and always results in great outcomes. I think so highly of RapidConsensus I insist that all my team complete the course so that we always have a trained facilitator on hand to lead meetings.

 Jacquie Riddell, Director of Public Relations 

Art Gallery of New South Wales

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