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Bring your strategy to life

Welcome to our StrategyConnect resources page. At Waterfield, we innovate and research best practices to deliver the most effective approach for developing and executing successful strategies, in a fast-changing world.


Resources to enable a future ready organisation:


Foresight AI

A successful strategy journey involves three crucial steps: Foresight, Insight and Action. We have been researching and using GenAI to help clients refine and challenge their foresights to gain a broader understanding of the organisation’s external environment.


To assist this we developed a strategic foresighting tool called ForesightAI, to elevate this process to the next level.


GPT as a thinking partner

This year, Waterfield participated in a special webinar hosted by the Industry Capability Network (ICN), where we presented our innovative approach to utilising 'GPT as a Thinking Partner'.


The talk provided insights and practical strategies for organisations to leverage GenAI, empowering them to enhance their strategic capabilities.

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 10.51.35 am.png

RapidConsensus 7 Principles

The RapidConsensus process thrives on ensuring every voice is heard, providing the group with the best information and knowledge for consensus and progress.


Principle # 4 'Listen to everything, defend nothing' is a highly effective skill to facilitate agreement - just one of the principles we uncover here. 


Developing a growth mindset 

I have made many mistakes in facilitating groups, however these experiences are what have allowed me to learn and continue to get better over time.

Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset philosophy is a useful way to think about learning and growing your facilitation skills.

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