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Create & execute a clear Strategy Map for focused outcomes

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Thrive today & tomorrow

Your organisation has a dual responsibility: perform today and build capacity for tomorrow.


Every organisation acknowledges that developing a strategy and preparing to be 'future ready’ is critical. However, many organisations struggle to effectively develop and execute their strategy. 


Without investing time to create new capabilities, an organisation will not remain current and competitive.


StrategyConnect makes clear future focusing and implementation a simple and achievable process. 


The result is a resilient and high performing organisation, aligned on the same clear direction and strategic outcomes.

Strategy for results

Design and implement a focused strategy for the future growth of your organisation.

StrategyConnect provides an outcomes driven approach for developing, managing and executing strategy in a fast changing world. It allows you to; 

Develop your strategy 

Anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead

Set a clear direction and alignment for success in the next 3 years

Develop a simple and easy to understand one page Strategy Map


Agree on a focused set of key action areas for the next 12 months


Execute your strategy

Achieve your objectives through a structured framework

Create engagement and buy in from all groups within your organisation

Drive and track implementation real time through a cloud application


Build an adaptive organisation able to course correct in times of change

'Designing a strategy for today and future growth is hard. We guide you through a clear process that engages your team, making it simple and achievable.'
Clear pathway forward

We facilitate the strategic decisions that enable your organisation to thrive in the future.

To grow your business beyond its capability today, time and resources need to be invested into creating new capabilities. Think Blockbuster vs Netflix. Netflix invested in digital streaming, Blockbuster left it too late.

When choosing a strategy for the best way forward and how to implement it, there are unlimited options available. This can be a daunting task, determining what to invest in that sets up your organisation to be future ready and gain a competitive advantage.

We understand the level of complexity involved in making these decisions. The challenge is getting the right people in your organisation to provide the right information, through a proven structure to help make those decisions.


StrategyConnect makes this entire process simple.

It strikes the right balance between developing and executing your strategy, while connecting your team in the process to own and action it.

We live and breathe strategy, and over 30 years have developed and refined StrategyConnect to ensure the best results for our clients. 


Here are a few clients we work with that have strategically designed their future, and created new opportunities using StrategyConnect.


Peter Carrigy-Ryan  

CEO, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation


'StrategyConnect enabled us to get our board and senior staff to focus, very clearly, on key strategic issues in both a one and three year timeframe, and also to articulate to staff and the CEO what our priorities are over that period.

It enables the board to have great clarity on what it wants the executive team to implement, and the supporting mechanism behind it, quarterly reviews, progress reports and subsequent communication mechanism – is very useful and reinforces the focus.'

How it works

Connecting clear strategic direction with execution excellence for effective results. 

StrategyConnect is a proven method to develop your organisation’s strategy with a simple execution process to effectively implement these objectives.


It is also designed to build capacity and engage your organisation on the journey to success.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.16.52 pm.png
Collectively develop your strategy in a highly interactive, one day workshop, ready to action.
Embed the disciplines to implement by engaging staff and building strategic capability.

Develop your strategy

Determine the right destination for your organisation, clear on future outcomes.

Strategy development is about choosing from all the options available to determine which is the right destination, the shared vision for the next 3 to 5 years.


StrategyConnect guides you through these 3 steps to efficiently make this happen;

Collective intelligence

Developing strategy in a fast changing and complex world is difficult. The more brain power and diverse views, the better informed the process will be. 


The StrategyConnect process views the organisation and external environment as a whole in a powerful and highly interactive workshop that harnesses the collective knowledge of the group.

Once people see the whole picture, the strategy for the organisation becomes clear.

Strategy on a page

The Strategy Map is captured on one page that clearly shows:


  • What success looks like in the future

  • The investments needed to close the gaps

  • The key milestones in the next 12 months

The Strategy Map becomes a simple and easy to understand communications tool that can be used to communicate deeply into the organisation.

Strategy in a day

The strategy development workshop is rapid and highly effective. Endless PowerPoint presentations are replaced with a fast paced interactive workshop where everyone is engaged and contributing.

This builds ownership and understanding of the decisions being made. StrategyConnect develops a concise framework in one day that gives you a clear Strategy Map that your organisation can act on today.

Execute your strategy

Bring your strategy to life through effective action, realising these outcomes.

With your organisation's shared destination articulated, the next step is implementation. This involves turning your Strategy Map into a reality and embedding strategic principles into your organisation.  


StrategyConnect delivers and imparts a highly effective execution process that is;

Highly visible

StrategyConnect online is an application where the Strategy Map and the execution initiatives are accessible anywhere, anytime providing access to updates. 


Milestone owners and contributors can blog and add hyperlinks to relevant information creating a rich repository of information for the strategy and execution.

At the 90 Day review session, reports can be generated with simple graphical representation of progress made and the confidence levels of achieving the set targets.


A review is held at the end of every 90 Day period. The strategy is reviewed and recalibrated based on:


  • What actually happened

  • Internal organisation changes

  • External market changes

This allows the strategy implementation process to remain grounded in reality.


Fast growing companies have adopted the practice of action learning internationally to remain adaptive and responsive to their market place.

Easy to use

People are busy. Therefore, a simple process that involves a minimal level of effort has been designed to monitor and adapt strategy execution. The process is intuitive and can be updated in a matter of minutes.  

Meetings can be held online and progress reports viewed.

The StrategyConnect online system is a cloud based application and ensures easy monitoring and visual tracking of your organisation’s Strategy Map. It is a user friendly and intuitive tool, providing interactive and secure access.

Team Meeting
Process to get started

Gather your key people and harness their collective knowledge


Identify and anticipate future trends for strategic insights 


Use those insights to help shape the future direction of your organisation

Create momentum

Build a strategically capable organisation, clear & engaged on what needs to be achieved.  

By connecting the development and execution of your strategy with the people within your organisation, strategy becomes an integral competency of the organisation. 


This formalised process achieves more than just engaging team members. It gains insight, builds internal responsibility and creates momentum. Without these connections, strategy remains an event.

Our continual research on how best to integrate this has resulted in two inter-dependent cycles. This provides a seamless connection between the development and execution of your strategy, with the Strategy Map at its core. 


The execution cycle creates the learnings that allows the Strategy Map to adapt to the changing environment.

The development cycle produces the insights to inform the output known as the Strategy Map.

Insight & learnings

Watch the video for an overview of how the strategy cycles interact together to help shape your organisation's future. 

Strategy success in 3 steps

We help guide you through 3 clear steps to create and bring your strategy to life.

Our proven process helps you bring the talented people around you to collaborate together to make a shared Strategy Map for the future of your organisation. 

We will help you;

Create a clear Strategy Map


Execute the strategy


Build strategic capability


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