Strategy development & execution

StrategyConnect provides an outcomes driven approach for developing, managing and executing strategy in a fast changing environment.

It is made up of two interdependent cycles, the strategy development cycle and the execution cycle. At the intersection of these two cycles is a one page strategy map.


This is skilfully achieved through engaging everyone on the journey, creating ownership and action towards the organisation’s desired future outcomes.


Cloud app


Replicating success

A proven framework that centres around a pre-populated set of initiatives for strategic direction in an industry or franchise that already has a set of governing principles used for best of practise towards excellence that can be replicated for success.  


What clients say 

'StrategyConnect enabled us to get our board and senior staff to focus, very clearly, on key strategic issues in both a one and three year timeframe, and also to articulate to staff and the CEO what our priorities are over that period.

It enables the board to have great clarity on what it wants the executive team to implement, and the supporting mechanism behind it, quarterly reviews, progress reports and subsequent communication mechanism – is very useful and reinforces the focus.'

Peter Carrigy Ryan, CEO  

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation


Products that support strategy


Training workshop that instills the skills to think, plan and act strategically.