Waterfield continually invests in research to recognise the shifting environment and remain future ready. All of our products and services today are the result of successful experiments we ran in the past. Currently we are working with partners and organisations in a new wave of research.

Codifying success


To codify what outperformers do and work out how to transfer that effectively to the rest of the cohort.

How it works:

The basic premise is:

1. Solutions to seemingly intractable problems already exist

2. They have been discovered by members of the community itself

3. These innovators have succeeded even though they share the same constraints and barriers as others

Quote from The Power of Positive Deviance


Post-COVID readiness


To help our clients and partners to survive the current COVID crisis and to thrive in a new Post-COVID environment.

How it works:

  1. Surviving the current pandemic and planning to thrive in a post-pandemic world are not mutually-exclusive activities – they should be undertaken concurrently

  2. Decisions taken during the survival phase will impact the range of options leaders have at their disposal as the world emerges from the COVID Crisis

  3. Waterfield has worked with world-leading scenario planners to develop future scenarios that depict how a Post-COVID world will be different 

  4. These detailed scenarios are designed to inform and assist leaders in positioning their business to thrive amidst the emerging challenges of tomorrow.

Key scenario planner Steve Tighe, author and speaker 


Repurposing assets and capabilities


In the rapidly evolving COVID Crisis landscape, businesses are working out how to repurpose their businesses assets and capabilities to create value in new growth markets. Our main focus is on how to break preset ideas of how the business or sector operates today so firms can quickly innovate new solutions and access new revenue streams.

How it works:

How to best atomise your business into the key assets and capabilities. 

- Assets are generally nouns and inert eg. factory

- Capabilities are generally verbs and activators eg. design.

What is the best way to create novel and interesting ways to combine assets and capabilities to create new revenue streams.


What are the best business models to commercialise a new offer. How can we automate the process in a "Strategy Poker" App to engage across the whole organisation and make a game of it. 




To see what the impact ‘lane jumpers’ will have on various sectors. We define a lane jumper an organisation like Uber, who can seamlessly jump from transport into food delivery, ie. Uber Eats.

How it works:

We have run experiments to distill what we are calling a periodic table to identify potential gaps that can be filled by organisations already performing in other sectors.


The strategy execution code​


Understand what allows some organisations to consistently execute their strategy while others fail. 

How it works:

We are analysing several data sources including;

1. Data from StrategyConnect live 

2. Data for individual psychometric profiles

3. Data from financials and other performance information 


To see what the differentiating patterns of success are and how to transfer these insights to other companies.


We are passionate about designing and developing thought leading, collaborative services that deliver value.

If any of these experiments are of interest please contact us, we look forward to discussing with you.