Develop a thrive mindset for a Post-COVID world

Every business is going through the COVID Shredder,  like past crises COVID-19 will pass, however waiting for and wishing for things to return back to normal is probably going to be an illusion. Therefore just surviving the COVID crisis is not enough; there will be a new normal and it is in this context your business or organisation needs to learn how to thrive again.

The four Post-COVID Thrive strategies which will allow you to adapt to the new normal are:



Significant innovation comes from collaborating up and down the value chain with your supply chain and your key customers.


Suppliers and customers have a shared and heightened interest to collectively innovate to find new market opportunities - particularly more so now.

Being able to rapidly digitise your business helps the organisation to not only survive today but positions it for long term success.

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Even in a crisis, some sectors’ demand will grow. For example in the COVID-19 pandemic, the following areas are experiencing growth -Government services, IT, Telecoms, Health, Financial Services and Food.


the business

Repurpose assets
and capabilities



This strategy explores what will be the “new normal”and what will be demanded of businesses to be successful in a Post-COVID world. Waterfield will continue to refine potential scenarios so that businesses can test their evolving thinking on what their thrive business model will look like Post-COVID.

We are keen to understand your business and how we can help shift to renewal and thrive in a Post-COVID world. 

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