Beyond your current capability

To keep pace with the fast moving environment, an organisation has to continually innovate. Innovation can be realised across two broad areas, firstly the products and services, secondly the business model. Open innovation is bringing in fresh eyes to look at your business and challenge your underlying assumptions. 


To address this Open Innovation brings in a diverse group of smart creatives; called ‘Free Radicals’; into short intensive workshops to challenge how the organisation thinks about its customers, its value proposition and how it delivers value.


Designing adaptive business models

A business model is how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. To remain competitive it is vital to assess and reinvent current business models. 


Business models can get out of step with the changing environment. This process allows groups to challenge the ‘As Is’ business model and innovate to create the ‘To Be’ business model that will continue to deliver customer value at a premium margin.


What clients say

So often it’s hard to get a team to think sufficiently “outside the box” to come to new ideas. The Open Innovation workshop was outstanding because Waterfield collected an intelligent and interesting group of people, from a wide array of backgrounds, to come up with truly new ideas.


The process itself was easy to follow, and the business got a lot of value out of some of the ideas generated. Thank you Waterfield!

Clary Castrission OAM, Group CEO 

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Products that support innovation


Interactive workshop that trains you to successfully facilitate groups to achieve consensus.