Delivering value

At Waterfield we dedicate ourselves to excellence in process design and process facilitation.

Our purpose is in helping groups leverage their collective capability to gain outcomes.


When people are involved in the creative process the result is much higher buy-in, commitment and follow through. We harness the power of the collective intelligence through our well designed facilitated processes. 


In achieving breakthroughs we focus on firstly designing the right conversation and secondly designing the  workshop structure, engaging all involved. This leads to group insights, ownership and united action. 

Virtual collaboration

Waterfield design and facilitate virtual collaboration workshops to effectively harness teams collectively working together when dislocated for shared understanding and results.

Engagement process 

Our experience base through facilitating thousands of groups across many sectors and countries has led us to develop and refine our engagements with clients to consistently deliver value.

There are three phases in how we deliver this value for outcomes;


Clients describe our contribution as bringing elegant simplicity to complex issues.

We achieve this by applying logical frameworks to conversations that engage the group to understand and process complex issues.


Our role is in co-designing a transformation journey that takes people from the current state to their preferred state.

Preferred state




Over the last 25 years, Waterfield has developed effective ways of facilitating groups to work together to rapidly reach consensus. 


We harness the ‘collective intelligence’ of the group, in a highly interactive way to produce a shared and owned plan. A plan that maps out their journey to achieve success and results in meaningful action.

Collective intelligence



Agile execution

The execution phase is where a plan touches reality. We help our clients adopt an agile execution model, allowing groups to quickly test their hypothesis. This enables fast re-calibration based on what’s working and what’s not working.


To support this agile approach Waterfield 
provides a cloud application to easily monitor and track progress collaboratively with your team.


Effective collaboration is becoming increasingly important as people work remotely. Our workshops engage

constructive meetings between diverse groups online. We connect disparate teams to come into a highly interactive, virtual collaboration space to maximise their time and create shared, actionable outcomes.

Waterfield adds value by designing the right framework and virtual workshop structure to engage all involved, and facilitating efficient sessions with your team to uncover solutions in a virtual space. This is supported by realtime reporting of outputs for the team to action straight away encouraging momentum. 

Working with clients

We work with clients to effectively design, facilitate and execute preferred outcomes in a collaborative way when solving complex issues. Our aim is to add value across each step in the design and delivery cycle, and overall sustainable transformation by building capacity internally. 


Your objectives

Our value creation process starts and finishes with your objectives; designing and delivering towards the desired outcomes.


We engage in face to face meetings with your key stakeholders to best understand the context and overall requirements, listening to the various interconnecting parts. 


A key component includes desk research, covering briefing documents to determine the scope, as well as external sector analysis, thought leadership articles and insights.


Combining both the research and our knowledge on how to harness the collective intelligence of the group, we design a process to achieve your objectives.



We facilitate highly interactive sessions that create a level playing field where every person is informed and comfortable to contribute.


Real time reporting provides immediate and visible feedback of information and decisions during the session which enables the group to build high quality outcomes with confidence.


We debrief post the session to ensure the objectives were met and provide observations of outputs and suggestions on how to improve future collaborative sessions. The debrief is to ensure we deliver the value from the original objectives set.

Build capacity

We work with our clients to build their capacity to harness the collective capability of their people. We achieve this by training, shadow consulting and mentoring internal facilitators.