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CovidSafe Plan 2023

The health and wellbeing of everyone we work with is of the highest importance and we follow government guidelines in creating and adhering to a COVIDSafe environment.

CovidSafe requirements for Waterfield


Principle 1.  
Follow appropriate current Governments’ health guidelines 


Principle 2.  

Follow Waterfield’s Covid safe plan


Principle 3.  

Follow the clients’ Covid safe plans and protocols 

Wellbeing of staff and clients

Wellbeing of staff and clients comes first. 

All staff and contractors are double vaccinated with digital certificates of vaccination sighted by Directors and available on request. Regularly check in with staff.

Exclude people who are unwell from the premises 

Stay at home requirement for any staff member if they are unwell or exhibit any mild symptoms. 

Staff showing any symptoms to leave and get Covid tested as soon as possible and isolate until a negative test result is received. Cleaning and disinfecting of frequently used surfaces regularly maintained for staff office meetings.


Follow conditions of entry including requirements to stay away if unwell and record keeping

Waterfield staff are aware of conditions to stay away and remain at home if unwell. Covid safe plans and check ins are to be followed on entry to Waterfield Office, client sites and venues. Record kept of attendance at Waterfield office or client sites/venues. 

Provide staff with information 

Brief staff on company requirements:  Follow check in protocols and procedures required at client sites and venues.  Rapid Antigen Testing kits provided by Waterfield to staff.  Rapid Antigen Testing for staff within 24 hours before client facing assignments.  

If a positive rapid antigen test result occurs:

  • get a standard Covid-19 test (PCR) 

  • isolate until you get a negative result.

Stay up to date

Client facing staff to keep abreast of current Government’s health guidelines and check for updates prior to intra and interstate client workshops. 



The Waterfield Team. 

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