Better outcomes

through collaboration

Waterfield helps derive outcomes through designing and facilitating collaborative processes that inspire action and gain results.

What we do

We design, facilitate and execute outcomes across diverse groups to reach consensus on;


We engage the collective intelligence of the whole group in a fast, outcome focused approach, that gains strong ownership and follow through. We support positive momentum by building internal capability to deepen collaboration and embed execution disciplines.


Each year we work with over 150 organisations and more than 3,000 people, helping to define their desired outcome and work back to achieve that stated future. We deliver this to our clients face to face workshops, virtually via remote technologies as well as cater for combined hybrid teams. 

We work with our clients in creating fully aligned organisations. This clarity allows everyone to have a shared understanding of the business and its goals, know how they can contribute and adapt to external change and customer needs.


To improve your organisation's performance and resilience, we co-create transformation journeys through the following three services and supporting skills development. 

Transformation services
Our principles

Waterfield lives by 3 core principles, in how we work and deliver value;


​​Outcome thinking

We believe defining the preferred end state is the right starting point for all actions.



We believe humans are hardwired to collaborate, given the right environment.


Building capacity

We believe that building capacity ensures desired change is realised and sustained.

Who we work with

A snapshot of some of the clients we proudly work with. 


'The new generation of knowledge workers want to understand the whole picture, contribute to solutions and be trusted to implement. '
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